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      Great course! Material covered clearly and concisely. Craig kept a good pace and kept all of us interested while educating us both on the required class material and on the ethics of carrying concealed.

    I have CCW permits in two other states and have taken several CCW and handgun training courses. Craig taught me some things that I didn't know after 30 years of shooting. He was able to teach this old dog some new tricks!

    The day currently starts with classroom instruction at 8. At about 10:30 you drive to the indoor range nearby, the Las Vegas Shooting Center, and other students will be able to give you a ride if you don't have your own car. You shoot your pistol or Craig's .22 target pistol for the qualification (30 rounds, 70% required, max distance 21 feet). The range session costs about $13, so plan on having a bit of money or a credit card with you. After a lunch break (bring your lunch to the range or have some money for the nearby In-And-Out Burger), you return to the classroom around 1PM and finish up with the exam at about 5-5:30.

    It was a great learning experience, and Craig kept us all engaged, answering our questions gracefully as he taught.

    Most of the students in the class I took were women. They all looked like they had a great time, participated a lot with asking questions, became much more comfortable with firearms, and I think felt like they took a big step forward in their ability to protect themselves.


    thumb Willis C.

      This was the best Cwc class teacher was well informed I wii go back for more trining .

    thumb Manny Y.

      I took this class in June and Craig was absolutely phenomenal. The class was knowledgable but not overwhelming. Craig made sure to answer all questions throughout the class and provided detailed responses. We had a small break each hour which helped the 8 hour class go by faster. I was nervous to take this class but I'm so glad I did!

    thumb Jessica N.

      My friends and I did a private class at my home and just wanted to say what a great class it was. Craig held a very informative class we all came away with more knowledge of our firearm rights. Craig has a very detailed class and does not cut corners. We would highly recommend Las Vegas firearm training to anyone who wants to get your Ccw.

    thumb Wade M.

      I don't know why Craig doesn't have more Yelp reviews because he is an excellent CCW instructor! His demeanor calms the energy in the room while discussing the importance of responsible Gun ownership. This is especially important for students that may be first time Gun owners (there were 2 in my class) and are feeling nervous etc because I've been there before. The classroom isn't very big, so when Craig is sharing important updates on gun laws or giving personal accounts of what can go wrong if you mishandle firearms, you're fully engaged. There's no room for you to be hiding in the back and playing on your phone.
    The day starts at 8am and instruction goes to about 10:30am - 11:00am. From there you will drive to The Shooting Center on Trop & Dean Martin for the shooting portion. Once everyone has completed their qualification, you will then have a little over an hour for lunch before you reconvene at the classroom for the 2nd part of class followed by the test. Most CCW classes either make you qualify in the beginning or at the end. I liked that it helped to break up the day. If you've never taken a CCW course before, & maybe feeling a bit nervous/apprehensive on where to go, then Craig is your guy!

    thumb Justin F.

      Craig is very knowledgeable and tells you how it is, he is very patient too.  Classroom was clean and sanitized and Craig made you feel very comfortable also.  Highly recommended, even if you have never fired a firearm before.

    thumb James P.

      Got my CCW with Craig through his one on one class. Very informative and enjoyed the pace of the class, even if it cost a little bit more than the group classes. Craig was very informed about NRS when it comes to carrying a firearm in Nevada, open and concealed. Thankfully, a friends referred me to him. Take any of his classes, group or one on one - you won't be sorry. I've already referred several people to him.

    thumb Heather R.

      What an AWESOME guy! Craig came to my house at 8am to teach me everything about firearms, laws, cleaning, handling etc. The course was so easy to follow and his PowerPoint presentation was great! Even showed real life pictures of what could happen if people are careless with their firearm. I am a first time gun owner and I learned SO much! Craig shares great stories too, feel like ive known him for years. We went to the shooting range after to complete the course and he helped me with posture and techniques. Nailed it! I highly recommend having Craig teach you about firearms, even if you think you know everything and taking your CCW class with him! THANK YOU for a great CCW course!!!! Highly recommended!!!!

    thumb Vee T.

      I loved the class. Craig is a great instructor and really knows how to keep the class interesting and fun. I will definitely recommend this class to family and friends. Coming here made me realize how little I knew about guns.

    thumb John R.

      Great Instruckter I will recommend to anyone who whant to get real knowledge about CCW.
    THnk you Craig!!

    thumb Andranik D.

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Leon C Dean

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